Gucci Is Working To Protect Consumers From Knock Off Gucci

Gucci has spent 90 years designing, creating and perfecting its luxury goods, and you won’t find anything like them anywhere.

The official Gucci website, one of the only places on the Web you can be sure you’re buying genuine Gucci products, is informative, intuitive and always open. There is no better—or safer—place online to shop for authentic Gucci branded products.

Do you want to touch and feel the real difference between fake Gucci bags and genuine Gucci bags? Look no further than one of Gucci’s many boutiques, located conveniently all around the world.

Gucci maintains its commitment to the fight against counterfeiting. Although Gucci cannot help those who have been deceived and ripped off by counterfeiters, Gucci can and does take fake selling websites down through litigation whenever possible.

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